Jeff Gillespie - Drums

Some babies get a pacifier- Jeff Gillespie got a drumstick and a Gene Krupa album.  Jeff's dad, George Gillespie, was a drummer in the big band The Henry Gallagher Orchestra, as well several jazz ensembles in the SF Bay Area from the 1940's thru the '60's.  

Jeff started his professional career as the rhythm king for Marge Chapel Jazz Band in 1979, but he corrupted his artistic integrity by going to rock'n'roll that same year with the hard rock band Nefarious, which also featured Bob Kilcourse (co-author of the tune 'Highway 104 - Bad Boy' on the Guilty Saints' REBOOT album).  Marge fired Jeff as soon as she found out, and ...

Jeff joined Slim Chance & The Fabulous Questionnaires in 1979, and has been a key member of the "Thunder Rhythm Section" ever since (along with Chris).  


... that's it, short'n'sweet - just like Jeff!