Chris Kilcourse - Bass, Vocals

Chris Kilcourse's first performing venture came in 1978, alongside his brother Brian and 2 musician friends, with the short-lived Speedball Musical Review.  This was the first of several incarnations of what eventually was to become,  Slim Chance & The Fabulous Questionnaires.  During the next several years, Chris played bass in a wide variety of bands, ranging from Country/Western to Heavy Metal; New Wave to Jazz Fusion and almost everything in between.  His ability to pick up a paying gig at a moments' notice earned him the respectful title of, "Musical Prostitute."  During his 30 + years performing, he worked in the Nevada Casino circuit as well the, "Endless Moose Tour," with brother Brian, Bob Littleton and Jeff Gillespe as part of Slim Chance & the Fabulous Questionnaires.  

In the late 1990's, Chris, reunited with old Metro Rangers drummer friend, Bruce Maskell, and joined the hard working EZ Go Blues Band.  That venture culminated in their 1st and only album, "Over Easy,' in 2000.  After a brief hiatus, Brian reassembled the boys,  Chris and Jeff (The Thunder Rhythm Section) and the hard driving, no-so-quiet Guilty Saints were born.  Not too proud to shed his musical prostitute moniker, Chris would like to communicate to the world that, "We are available to perform at festivals, parties, weddings, bars, and Mitsvah's, and for only a little more money, we'll even play Freebird."