Brian Kilcourse - Guitar, Vocals

Brian Kilcourse has been playing music in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 40 years. He and his band THE GUILTY SAINTS perform throughout the U.S. West.

In the early 70's he was one-third of the SF-based "power trio" Mistress, featuring guitarist Greg Douglass (later of Steve Miller and Greg Kihn fame).  Brian also did a stint in 1974-75 with John Coinman, who went on to a successful musical career, most notably as the Music Supervisor for the movie Dances With Wolves.  In 1975, Brian also played bass in The Michael Stanton Band- Michael went on to a great career as a Hollywood voiceover artist, singer/songwriter and producer (Michael was the Lead Gal in the Ladies Night Commercial Campaign for Bud Light Beer, the longest running Campaign in Bud Light history).

In 1995, the German record label TAXIM released the 1974 Mistress album, FREE FLYTE (now available on CDBABY and iTunes).

Undeterred by the knowledge that most of his old mates found a modicum of success in music sans Brian, he has forged on, releasing two collections as a solo artist in the 2000's. MEGATON MELODIES is a collection of the best of Brian's work from 1997-2002 (released in 2003), and UNFINISHED BUSINESS (2005) is an album of new tunes. Both CD's are still available on CDBABY, Amazon and iTunes, and sales are approaching double digits.

Brian and fellow future Guilty Saints Chris and Jeff began performing together in 1979 as Slim Chance & The Fabulous Questionnaires, along with pedal steel player Bob Littleton. Slim gigged throughout the western USA from 1979-1997 before morphing into today's Guilty Saints.  Bob remains an honorary Saint, and plays with the band whenever he ventures down into California from his home state of Washington.

Brian and The Saints released REBOOT, their first collaborative recording project, in 2010.