Bob Littleton - Pedal Steel Guitar

Bob Littleton has been playing music for 40+ years and still plays actively in the Portland, Oregon Area with several local bands. He began his music career in the late 60's playing five-string banjo and dobro in a number of California bluegrass bands. Bob and Brian hooked up in 1969, when Bob's band Rookery needed to borrow a sound system.  Once Bob discovered steel guitar, the banjo quickly took the back seat. For the last twenty years he has been playing country music on pedal and non-pedal steel guitar. Bob and future Guilty Saints Brian, Chris, and Jeff all played together in Bob's country band Rusty Heart in the early 1980's, and Bob was a full time player in Slim Chance & The Fabulous Questionnaires from 1985-1997 on Slim's "Endless Moose Tour".  

In addition to live gigs, Bob has played on sound tracks, recordings, radio, and television. He has done studio sessions for songwriters, John Hazelwood, Robbie Thayer, Craig Fletcher, and others. Bob appears on the Saints' REBOOT album on the track "Moon Over New Meadows".